+ Award winning

We were selected as a ‘Creative Startup’ by the KOTRA, in June 2015.
We were also selected as a ‘Bright Startup’ by the KISED in July 2015.

*KOTRA: Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.
*KISED: Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship & Development

+ Security of investment

We have successfully secured US$200,000 of investment.

Industry Pioneers!

We are building the world first user-generated interactive content marketplace.

We are in the middle of expansion into the booming Chinese market.

Our Philosophy

Unified crowdsourcing
Active participation
A cooperative
connected world.

Our Mission

Our vision is to build a productive crowd sourcing nation in the internet world.

Our Approach

We are building a platform for user-generated interactive content, created by anyone. From absolute beginners to experienced professionals.


Our first goal is to become your partner!

+ An Operation Platform for Mobile Oriented Interactive Content

We are the next step toward an interactive content community based on user participation.
AniParti will enable you to create a service platform for mobile interactive content.
We will build the world first and biggest crowdsourcing community marketplace for user-generated interactive content.
AniParti enables you to create light-weight interactive content, supported by sound effects and user created voice overs.


+ A perfect fit for interactive webcomics service providers

An all in one platform for your next generation business based on interactive content.
Make your old plain 2D content come alive with AniParti. The motion effects possible with AniParti are different with from standard VIDEO format.
We use WebGL and HTML5 technologies to achieve startling clarity and detail.

+ AniParti – Strong points

+ AniParti, Process innovation

+ AniParti’s Unified environment

+ Seamless workflow and Intergraterd work environment from Authors, CP and to the audience

** NOTE: Works best with Chrome

+ AniParti, Coming Soon

As of spring 2017, we are in the final stages of development for the first official version of AniParti.
For content providers, AniParti-Author is just around the corner.
For audiences, AniParti-Viewer will be ready for Android and iOS.



  • Simple, powerful and easy to use.
  • Custom design for reusable motion effect.
  • User defined sound effect setting.
  • Interactive event setting wizard.


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